Anastasiia Golovina
Opera singer & vocal coach
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Who am I?

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My name is Anastasiia Golovina.

I am an international opera singer, yoga teacher and conscious voice coach. 

I developed my unique singing technique that works holistically with mind, body and soul from studying opera singing at a world renowned concertioure in London, performing as a soloist around the world and gaining my yoga training under an ancient yoga lineage.

This combination of world class vocal technique, mindfulness and yogic practices allows each person to find their unique sound, expand their creativity and gain freedom with their voice.

What I do

My Story

I am not a very ordinary singer, my life has led me on a very exciting journey with myself and my voice, so here I would like to share a glimpse of that adventure which led me to you. 

My story with music began a long time ago in Ukraine, from the very moment I arrived in this world into a family of musicians, where everyone was passionate about music.

From the age of 6 I was pestering my mother to take me to a music school to play the violin. But my mother really didn't want to hear squeaky violin sounds fill her home for the next few years, so she took me to study piano instead hoping I’d like it. Of course I absolutely loved it, and from that moment my formal music education had begun

Instruments aside, I have always loved to sing. I sang everywhere and participated in different choirs and ensembles from the same young age. All of my friends, relatives and neighbours would regularly hear my high and bright young voice at any occasion.

After music school, I went to a music college where I studied for 4 years as a choir conductor. These were some of the most exciting years of my life. At such a young age, it was really fun to learn music and be part of a family of musicians. But this period also brought some serious internal transformations. As I realised there were people who did not believe in me; who said that I should not be a vocalist, who said that it was better for me to stay where I was and not hope for a great future. This is a trauma that I came back to over and over again.

I think everyone in life comes across those who say that "this is too difficult; you are crazy, you will not succeed...", and I was no exception. Unfortunately these people were not only outsiders, but also my teachers.

One of my teachers at the music school sighed with relief after I changed my mind about going to a vocal department and said that I will never be a soloist. It was always my dream to sing on the big stage and be a soloist, and here a person whom I respect professionally says that they don’t believe in me. This conversation touched me so much that it lit an internal fire in me, the existence of which I didn't even know!

A year after this conversation, I got accepted at one of the top conservatoires in the world for opera singing, Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, with a scholarship. With a highly competitive application of around 200 people for one place, I was offered a place on the day of my audition.

This step helped me to believe in myself even more and prove to all those who did not believe in me what I am really capable of. This moment began my journey through the elite circles of the London music industry.

Since then I was fortunate enough to take masterclasses and lessons from many outstanding teachers, such as Sir Simon Rattle, Dominic Wheeler, John Ramster, Dinah Stabb, Sarah Walker, Lada Valesova, Victoria Newlyn, Linnhe Robertson, Armin Zanner, Amanda Roocroft, Emanuele Moris and Rudolf Piernay. As well as perform in concert halls throughout Europe.

After my studies however, there was a turning point - I realised that the industry I chose was very toxic and the working conditions made me depressed. I couldn’t understand why I was living the life of my dreams, but still I was so unhappy. I began losing confidence in my Voice. I began to doubt my talent. This is all because I was so tough on myself and I noticed that so many of my talented colleagues were feeling the same. I realised that this lifestyle does not suit me. I needed to find my happiness and confidence.

The time had come to change the situation. So I packed up my life in London and went to Asia, more specifically to Thailand. I didn't know what I was looking for, but in the end I found that missing puzzle piece which gave me a complete picture and helped me regain my self-confidence. I unleashed my real potential and love myself through the discovery of the world of yoga, meditation and spiritual practices.

I began to understand the deep connection of our body, our thoughts and our energy. I realised why I could not sing and enjoy my sound - all because I was in a stressful environment with a stressful state of mind. When we are mentally stressed, our body gets stiff and a stiff body will always make a stiff sound.

The next question that arose was: how can I relax, love myself and tune my body and mind to vocal freedom? I began to immerse myself fully in ancient yogis studies. For a long time I studied from masters who have devoted their whole life to the study of mind, body and energy. The moment I started these yogic practices, I realised it was what was missing from my performing activity and life in general. Internal work, meditation, combined with the correct vocal technique gave me the results that I was striving for.

I realised the importance of this whole process: the voice cannot exist without the mind, without the body and without energy. After all when we make a sound we create sound vibrations, we make a material sound wave out of air. This is why many people say that our words and our desires are material. We send our inner energy into the outer world, in this way with our words and our sound create our reality.

In order to create high-quality sound, we need our vocal technique and speech technique to be optimised and balanced. Our body and voice are capable of great things. All our potential lies within us and by using our voice consciously we help this potential to unfold. The more we open our body, the more our voice will open and the more we will be able to enable ourselves to create our own reality.

This holistic approach helped me to develop my voice and help other people around me find their true unique sound. I have been teaching all over the world, doing masterclasses, workshops as well as private teaching of over 150 talented students. My students have come in all ages from 4 to 75, which shows that it is never too late or too early to find your true voice.

At the moment I am based in Bali, where I am opening my first Voice School. A place where people of all ages will be able to start their journey towards their authentic sound, unleash their true potential and find creative freedom.

Success stories of my many students inspired me to open an online vocal school “Find Your Voice”. So that everyone, who wants to truly transform their lives and open up their voices can work through my unique technique. I believe that the online world has opened so many opportunities for all of us, making it more possible to fulfil my mission - to raise universal vibrations and spread joy in the world!

It seems that my whole life has led me to this moment, so that I can share my experience and help people open up their voices.