Anastasiia Golovina
Opera singer & vocal coach
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Vocal Training

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In my vocal training I use a balanced combination of world class vocal technique, mindfulness and yoga.

Voice Path

Through my professional journey I’ve come to realise that healthy vocal development is incomplete and pretty much impossible without acknowledging the power of our mind, our ability to understand ourselves deeply and awareness of the present moment.

The Old School

That is why in my training I teach the world class vocal technique, that I’ve acquired from top vocal teachers during my studies at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, as well as my private vocal mentors from all over the world.

I have learned from many talented and wise signing teachers and for over 13 years have been digesting and implementing only the techniques that actually work.

The New School

Technical work with the voice in combination with deeply rooted knowledge of yoga and mindfulness build an organic and holistic foundation for healthy voice development.

In this way we are able to find our true unique sound, hear our internal voice clearly and gain the ability to express ourselves freely. 

Vocal freedom is impossible without mental freedom, that is why technique alone can never sort out many singers’ problems, so they seek other teachers, coaches, mentors etc. 

What's happening within?

Every physical tension has a mental and/or energetic block behind it.

By releasing those blocks through the work with mind, strengthening our body and balancing energy through yoga, we are able to develop our voice to a much greater capacity, than the technique alone. 

Our voice is our ability to communicate, to be ourselves and to declare who we really are.


Are you ready to discover your true potential?