Continuing on from the Part 1 where I described a very spontaneous open mic performance in Chiang Mai. It changed the way I think about myself as an artist and inspired me to believe in my talent and trust my instincts. If you haven’t already check out part one HERE.

Next morning I woke up with a purpose to sing and create. However the day was already filled with different plans: my partner and I were going to attend #NomadSummit 2018. I had no idea what to expect, it was completely out of my professional field, but yet again I said to myself to keep an open mind.

The event itself was two days long: first day filled with presentations and lectures, whilst the second day was more focused on networking with a pool party. As we arrived in the morning to Le Meridien Hotel, where the main event of the conference took place, I was astound by the professionalism of the organisers and the amount of PEOPLE who came to participate. They were all from different countries, yet had the same goal – to be location independent. Within the first few minutes of meeting new people I found out I wasn’t alone on my Newbie boat which helped me to ease in to the new social environment and be less self-conscious about introducing myself as an opera singer.

Yet again my profession brought up a lot of positive emotions from everyone I met and to an extent made me an odd fruit that people wanted to find out more about.

Speakers for the conference were chosen very wisely from various fields of remote work: from YouTubers to dropshippers and remote real estate agents. They shared their success stories, their strategies to go achieve the best results in their field and many motivational tips. One thing was common in all their stories like a golden thread – they all failed, time, after time, after time…until they didn’t. Looking at those people standing in front of me, beautiful, confident, successful and inspiring individuals, I was filled with the awe and clarity that determination will prevail all odds that may come in the way of your dream. What if they stopped after one failure? Or maybe after a hundred failures? Do you think they would still be on that stage?

It was like a bang on the head to wake up and achieve with greater determination. I left no more excuses for myself and after great speeches that day I had some new tools to move forward towards my goals. Now that I was even more motivated to move forward with my crazy idea of being a location independent opera singer, I went on to socialise with new people at the Nomad Summit.

I met so many incredibly talented people at the after party and pool party. We were having fun, chatting and enjoying ourselves, yet we also managed to discuss our plans for the future. That day I’ve established not only great professional connections, but most importantly found real friends! Sharing my dream of making opera more accessible online with leaders in blogging, vblogging and marketing I got a lot of encouragement, practical tips and positive feedback.

That was one of the most motivating experiences in my life that changed gears in my professional development and, frankly speaking, the way I want to influence the world with my music is changed as well. I believe with all my heart that the genre of Opera is one of the greatest art forms in the history of humanity. Unfortunately it has been somewhat neglected by the mainstream culture in the past few decades.

My master-plan is to touch peoples’ hearts from all over the world with opera , so that borders, language, status and skin colour would never be an obstacle to enjoy this glorious art form. Now, I know how to fulfill my first steps, thanks to the two unbelievably inspiring events described in part 1 and 2. I will become an experiment: an Opera Nomad, who travels the world with unexpected opera performances, as well as being part of organised productions and recitals.

The digital aspect will be a core component in this whole experiment and will include:

  • Continuing to write this blog as well as starting to vlog about travelling as a singer independently and making introductory videos for people new to opera;

  • Live stream of opera performances with Q&A from digital viewers in real time;

  • Digitally connect and collaborate with local musicians, by creating unconventional concerts for new audiences;

  • Collaboration with other traveling, lifestyle, adventure companies online in order to create new approach to opera.

Collaboration is a key to success, it is probably the biggest lesson I learned coming out of the Nomad Summit. With my adventures I want to inspire not only people who are new to opera, but first and foremost opera singers themselves. I know how easy it is to feel stuck in your own bubble, feeling pressured to be the person you don’t want to be, depressed and undervalued by society…

There is another way, I know it, because I live it.

So here we go, the experiment on being a location independent singer, who lives and travels on my own terms begins…right…about…NOW! 😉

With love,

Travelling Soprano




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